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Happy New Year!


Welcome to 2019, which will be a great year for wine lovers in Richmond, Twickenham and Teddington! The tastings for Richmond and Teddington Wine Societies have been scheduled on the website, do take a look, and save the dates, and you can book your place now for our January tastings, where we focus on Tuscany…(Read More)

Our Saturday cheese course sessions are designed to be a little bit more relaxed but cover more ground with more wines and cheese spread over three hours. The France & England afternoon soon became a contest as we matched similar style cheese from each country against each other and paired them with a French wine…(Read More)

Our Monday evening Cheese Course is well under way and our focus on 6th February was on the cheese and wines of Italy. There is no question  that Italy is a worthy rival to France in both departments – in particular the fact that Italy produces almost as many cheeses and many more wines. We tasted…(Read More)

Our 2017 Monday night cheese course kicked off last night with France as our destination. With over 370 recognised cheeses and probably a host more that don’t find their way onto the register, France is often seen as the centre of the cheese universe. Rightly so on the basis of the nine cheeses we…(Read More)

I have been delighted by the response to the courses I am running on cheese and wine in January and February.  As you know, I am passionate about wine and its amazing partner, cheese.  Over four weeks I will broaden people’s cheese horizons – tasting cheese that is absolutely in prime condition, and sampling some…(Read More)

They came, they drank, they tasted over 40 cheeses and 40 different wines plus ale, cider and even some Malt whisky. We reached the culmination of our five week Cheese Course last night and truly tested everyone’s expectations and beliefs as to what cheese can be. A conventional start of Sancerre with Crottins de…(Read More)

Week 4 of the Cheese Course focused on ewe’s milk cheese, and another revelatory evening was in store.  Some of the best known cheeses in the world, such as Manchego and Roquefort come from sheep’s milk, which came as a big surprise to many. Highlights from the cheese and wine matching were The…(Read More)

Last night at the second ‘class’ of my Cheese Course, I like to think some people experienced something of a revelatory moment! I presented a trio of camemberts, and we absolutely ‘got’ the difference between a perfectly nice, ordinary supermarket Camembert, (which was a delight with a simple Chenin Blanc from South Africa) and a…(Read More)