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The end of the Cheese Course …. for now….


They came, they drank, they tasted over 40 cheeses and 40 different wines plus ale, cider and even some Malt whisky.

We reached the culmination of our five week Cheese Course last night and truly tested everyone’s expectations and beliefs as to what cheese can be.

A conventional start of Sancerre with Crottins de Chavignol lured everyone into a false sense of security that the evening would be main stream pairings.


We moved on to a South African sparkler with Welsh Caerphilly – a surprisingly good match. Fizz generally is underrated as a cheese partner.

Then out came the cider with another Welsh cheese – a cider washed rind cheese called Saval – another great match.

A Marlborough Pinot Noir from John Forrest worked well with an Irish Gubbeen and proved again how versatile Pinot Noir is with cheese.


It then got a bit eclectic as I rolled out the Ol Sciur – a strong, blue-veined goats cheese, wrapped in dried fruits and petal . It defeated the reds – with hindsight it perhaps neede a slightly sweet partner.

Gjetost from Norway pushed backed the boundaries of what cheese is – this is caramelised whey from both cow and goats milk and was a fudge like colour.

This worked brilliantly with a Fortified Cape Tawny but would have been delicious with a piece of fruit cake as well!


The Gruth Dhu – a double cream cheese from Ross & Cromarty rolled in oats and black pepper corns sort of worked with the Glenfiddich but the pepper dominated everything.


WE had a lot of fun, tasted an amazing range of cheese and wine and will running the course again in the Autumn.