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Loire Wines continue to please


Last night, a select group from Teddington Wine Society convened at my house to sample the delights of the Loire Valley.

These lovely wines, which I had previously shown to Richmond Wine Society at the end of May, once again demonstrate the breadth and diversity of the Loire region.

Everyone agreed that the Muscadet de Sevre et Maine Sur Lie 2014 Coing St Fiacre was a lovely wine, at a bargain price.  With our goats cheese starter we had a 2010 Anjou Blanc and a 2009 Savennieres Chaboreau both from Domaine FL.  Both made form Chenin Blanc, but with startling different styles, the Anjou Blanc was the most obvious food match, but for me as it opened out in the glass the Savennieres was worth every penny (and I have to admit there are quite a few).

Between courses we enjoyed a lovely Vouvray from Domaine des Aubuisieres, a lovely off dry Chenin Blanc demonstrating freshness and complexity.

With our steak frites, we had two Saumur Champignys, the 2012 Tuffe from Chateau du Hureau, and the 2011 Vielles Vines form Langlois Chateau, a particular favourite of mine.

And with our apple tart, back to Chenin and Domain FL’s 2012  Coteaux du Layon, honey and dry fruits on the nose, rich but clean on the palate.


A lovely line-up, and if I say so myself the food was good.