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Rosso di Montalcino San Polo 2020


Montalcino, to the south of the Chianti region and the location of some of the most fantastic wines made from the Sangiovese grape.  The famous ‘Vino Nobile’ is aged for five years before it is released, and comes with a price point reflecting that investment!  Luckily a good Rosso, as this is, expresses more affordably the fresh red and black fruits and sour Morello cherry you get from ripe Sangiovese, and thanks to 12 months in oak, attractive vanilla spice. Finely-balanced tannins and a persistent, aromatic finish complete this beautiful wine.

Poggio San Polo is in one of the most architecturally stunning wineries I have ever visited – we hopped over the ‘border’ during our tours to Umbria in 2015. Not for flamboyance, but for the determination to use local materials and thoughtful design to create a winery that maintains ideal temperature and humidity throughout the year.  The vineyard is organic, blessed by its high elevation with fresh breezes which reduce the risk of fungal infections, and a stony soil that forces the vines to push roots deep down in search of moisture – which adds to the complexity of the flavour of the wine.

A great wine like this deserves great food – have it with a really good steak, and if steak isn’t your thing a roasted vegetable dish with caramelised vegetables would be super.  Pecorino di Fossa (matured in umderground pits, lined with straw, for at least 90 days) is my favourite cheese match.

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Food matching suggestions

Steak/Rare roasts (or veggie roasts), Tomato based bakes eg melanzane

Cheese Matching Suggestions

Low moisture hard cheeses eg Parmigiano, Pecorino, Manchego