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Cheese & Wine Matching Tip No. 2


Blue Cheese and sweet wine

A personal favourite of mine – it is a surprise to many how fantastic the pairing can be of a rich Roquefort, a creamy dolcelatte or a mature stilton with a high quality dessert wine. Sauternes and Barsac sweeties are delightful as are Monbazillac and Bergerac Moelleux, any botrytis Semillon based wine, Auslese Riesling….the list goes on. Fundamentally, it is the harmony between the salty blue cheese and the sweetness of the wine that makes this such a success.

I tried the Cordon Cut Riesling from the Clare Valley in South Australia recently with some Colston Basset Stilton from Teddington Cheese and it was stunning. At £20 a bottle, it’s definitely for a special treat, but not to be missed.