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An exploration of Prestige Champagne….


awaits us in tonight’s Masterclass at Bacco.

Champagne-sign copyThe big Champagne houses have done a great job of brand building, but brands require consistency, achieved by blending from many areas and vintages.  Few people realise there are wines of wonderful quality and great value, made with great artistry and heritage by smaller producers.  We will be exploring the whole concept of Grand and Premier Crus, wines made from specific vineyards expressing particular characters.

We will be tasting wines from Moncuit, who have 15 hectares of Granc Cru vineyards in the Cote des Blancs, Pierre Paillard, with 11 hectares of Grand Cru vineyards in Bouzy, Geoffrey who have 14 hectares with 35 Premier Cru plots near  Cumieres, and Medot whose website charmingly describes the character of their wines as “Nicely Old Fashioned”.

Bacco have pulled out the stops with a menu comprising scallop risotto, breast of guinea fowl and chocolate and pear tart, and we also get the chance to match our Champagnes with the Langres cheese (sourced from the Teddington Cheese of course).