About Tim Syrad

Tim Syrad of Tim Syrad Wines

Having rejected a career in insurance to pursue my life time passion for wine in 1991, I have built a business based on celebrating the passion, excitement – and sometimes sublime enjoyment – that wine brings.

I run wine societies in Richmond and Teddington that meet monthly and give people the chance to discover new wines and new wine regions in a relaxed, convivial setting.

Since 1997 I have taken over 90 groups of people on wine tours to wine regions in Europe and the New World.

I also run fine wine tastings and dinners, cheese and wine courses and speak at other wine groups. I have a corporate wine event business called Taste of the Grape.

People keep coming back to the events and tours I run because I believe wine should be fun. I try to celebrate the enjoyment that wine brings, whether in discovering a new wine variety or region, or perceiving a new aroma or taste, or identifying a fascinating match between wine and food.

I am passionate about connecting wine lovers with wine makers.  I make sure we meet the owners, wine makers and vineyard managers when we visit wineries, and I invite them as guest speakers at home events.  I really believe that great wine is not just a reflection of its terroir (a fancy word to describe the combination of soil, aspect and climate) but also of the people who make it.

I sell wine that have been popular at the tastings I run, the details of wines we have tasted are on my blog.

Please get in touch if you think I can help you to discover more about wine – sign up for regular updates, or contact me directly:


07850 329111